Hello COVID-19 World

Todd Turner
March 18th, 2020 · 1 min read

Not really; I don’t think we need to be too dramatic. In-fact, I really resisted even mentioning the virus, however it has led me (and everyone) to an interesting set of circumstances. I have faith that this will pass in the medium term, however in the short-term; everyone will need to adjust to a new, socially-distant way of doing the things.

Where Are Things At?

As of the time of writing, I have unfortunately found myself out of work. Not to go into too much detail, but essentially my previous place of employment where forced to downsize to ensure they work their way back into the black. On top of this; COVID-19 has decided to show up and scare the living be-jeezus out of everyone across the world (with good reason). So yeah…

Markets are shaky and uncertainty is the only certainty at the moment… so what do?

The Markets

Skill Up - Use Your Downtime to Slay It

I found an article by freeCodeCamp founder Quincy Larson about taking advantage of the current set of circumstances. And it really summed it all up to me.

In our modern working life, we were always so busy; there just weren’t enough hours in the day. Now? Now we are sitting it out; spending more time at home, waiting for the tide to subside. No point squandering this; get out on the net and learn the thing.


What Are You Doing?

I personally will be aiming to get a DevOps/Infra/Engineering position. To do this, I will be focussing on skilling up with the following strategy:

  • Completing a tonne of leetcode problems - better coding
  • Smashing out Linux Academy courses - learn new tooling and services
  • Blogging about stuff I learn - networking and sharing the love

The Markets


“The post-coronavirus world is coming; be prepared to hit the ground running.”

I think Quincy said it best with this tweet:

Quincy on Being Prepared

You can’t control the virus or the economy, but you can control your response to it.

Keep calm and soldier on, this too shall pass.

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